Days of Future Past: The USC/NCAA Funhouse Mirror

Posted: July 22, 2010 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NCAA, NFL
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There’s a few things you are not going to tell me.

I’m not believing that the world isn’t round, that gas prices are reasonable and that Wendy’s value menu isn’t the best in all of burgerdom. I’m just not entertaining any of these as being valid in the reality I live in.

Also, I’m not believing that something I saw, repeatedly for years, didn’t happen. However, the NCAA is attempting to convince me that the USC Trojans that dominated NCAA football for the middle of the last decade never happened, and I should just continue on with business as usual. Nope, you could give me all the illegal funds that came through Pete Carroll’s program over the years and it still wouldn’t be enough to convince me I didn’t see the 2003-2005 USC teams play. I’m sorry, but while I can get good amounts of rest, with some “Inception” level dream activities, I can’t sleep that for that long or imagine anything that big.

Evidently I am to believe that this never happened....okay. Sure, NCAA...

The NCAA has tried the alleged magic trick before and I didn’t go for it then either. Some of their more egregious attempts a using an eraser on history are the facts that if you ask them the Fab Five in Michigan never happened, that Memphis didn’t win 38 games in 2008 because of Derrick Rose or that Alabama didn’t win any games between 2005 and 2007. No, it happened, all of it. Going back and taking away these games, and potentially championships, does not change any of the wrongs that happened. At the end of the day, these players and programs will still be regarded as great for the times that these wins took place. Unless some kind of mind wiping device is commissioned by the NCAA as part of its Infraction Committee, to regulate fans as well, I don’t see the point in trying to erase history, especially if I’m a player.

The bottom line is that the games were played and they won them. Reggie Bush, OJ Mayo, Matt Leinart, Mike Williams

I think this picture sums it all up perfectly.

and the tons of other current pros that played for Trojans in basketball and baseball won these games. The end. If they catch a program red-handed while the ineligible players are within the ranks of the NCAA, then by all means get that team, it’s players, coaches and athletic director, and punish them past the limits of the law (since they make their own laws, of course). But if they pull it off right underneath the NCAA’s nose and win in the process, I’m sorry but you’ve been bested. Since they didn’t find this in five years ago when it took place, those players were not pulled off the field and those wins need to stand up. The Trojans won those championships and Reggie Bush won that Heisman. OJ Mayo dominated for a year and left, in and out. Good bye. Everybody who say that season knows that all of that happened.

It is totally within reason for the NCAA to want to go back and see what exactly was happening within its programs. I don’t deny the validity of doing this. However, it should be used to regulate the future, not the past, where it is useless. Instead, erase the future. For every game that Bush played in, take a scholarship from the future, not a win from the past. Bush played in 39 games at USC over 3 years, pull 39 scholarships from the team. He played three seasons in every game that the Trojans participated in, including bowl games. Pull their bowl eligibility for three seasons without possibility of reinstatement. If you can pinpoint the funds that were pulled in Bush and any other participants, fine the University that amount annually for duration of the punishments. As a final slamming of the gavel, pull that team off of TV for the entire duration of the sanctions and damage their financial intake, in the future, as they did the integrity of the game in the past.

If the NCAA could catch up to Reggie now, it would probably look something like this.

Do I think what Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo did was wrong? Hell yes. I also think that Pete Carroll knew exactly what going on and that there is a lot more to the whole scenario than is being let on. Just like ex-basketball coach Tim Floyd did. But does this change what has happened? No. However, you can make the past destroy the future by crippling the program appropriately. Going back and wiping the past is pointless, because what is done is done. Shatter the future, without compromise and let those titles and trophies stand as rewards for a selfish regime.

Go head and keep it Reggie, it's your legacy's parting gift.

Let them have their BCS and Heisman Trophies as blood money rewards. And leave the University and fans as custodians of the mess. That will really uphold the legacy of the “heroes” of yesterday.


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