Free Agent Playbook: Part 1, Chris Bosh

Posted: June 29, 2010 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NBA
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The NBA free agent frenzy is at a all-time high. Everywhere there are different “insiders with knowledge of the situation” saying where Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson and another certain reigning MVP from Cleveland, will land. Come Thursday at midnight, the rumor mill will push to another level all the way to the July 8th signing date begins.

There are so many different scenarios that have been placed into the mix at this point that it gets made to be a foregone conclusion on some players intentions. I’m looking at it from a totally open perspective from the information available from financial perspectives and player intent. For the next few days leading into the July 1 cutting of the ribbon for the free agent race, I will be breaking down individual players roles from THE CHEAP SEATS, starting today with the premier post player available.

Chris Bosh

The Basics: Power Forward, 26 years old, 6’11, 230 lbs

The Numbers: 24 PPG, 10. 8 RPG, 1.2 BPG, .518 FG % in 2010; 20.2 PPG, 9.4 RPG, 1.2 BPG (Career); 5 Time All-Star

Summary: Bosh is the best scoring power forward in the League. He brings a combination of being able to score in the low post, drive to the basket and has a spot up jump shot in the style of a young Kevin Garnett. The shooting aspect of his game is what sets him apart from other pure power forwards in the league, and can even stretch back to the 3 point line. He is also solid passer out of the post and shoots a very good 79% from the free throw line. A credible defender, Bosh can block some shots, but should not be counted on as a sole low post defender.

Best Suited for…..a team where he plays with a creator on the perimeter. This is needed for many big men in the league as someone has to get this ball to them. For the majority of his career, Bosh has been by far the greatest talent on his team, so he has not been able to share the scoring punch with another. His ability to step away from the basket and shoot could be best used if deployed with either a playmaking point or a penetrating wing player. This would allow him to avoid some of the constant double team that surrounded him from the tip off in Toronto. Also, another player with size to let him play pure power forward and move from being out of position at center.

An underrated talent for years, Bosh is on the verge of maxing out.


Prime Candidates: Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks


Miami Heat: Dwyane Wade, pure and simple. He would never go to Miami without D-Wade, so despite Wade’s free agent status as well, it would be a package deal. This would be a great scenario, as he could be the second option on offense and be free to get incredible looks playing off Wade. While they are developing their point guard situation, Wade is one of the most creative offensive players in the NBA and Bosh would play off him very well. They have room to add as much as they need to and if this pairing somehow adds Joe Johnson or even LeBron James, well you’re looking at a 80’s Lakers or Celtics situation on South Beach.

Chicago Bulls: This would be an embarrassment of riches, as the Bulls already have one of the best young guards in basketball on their roster in Derrick Rose. The Bulls have cleared cap space to potentially add THREE players with max contracts, to add to Rose and Luol Deng. In the post he would join Joakim Noah, who would handle the majority of the dirty work and let Bosh focus much more on purely scoring, his specialty. If LeBron is added to this fold (as he would almost have to be to land Bosh), this would instantly become THE upper tier team in the East, as they were already a playoff squad this year, even after unloading many of their key figures to clear cap room to be active this year.

Los Angeles Lakers: Bosh himself stated that he considers the Lakers to be on his short list of teams to join. This happens when you are back-to-back champions and have Kobe Bryant on your side. This would be a perfect situation, as he would be able to share the post will an equal in size with Gasol and be able to play off both Bryant and Gasol in LA’s triangle scheme. However, this scenario seems a bit farfetched due to the financial commitments already on hand between Bryant, Gasol, Ron Artest and Lamar Odom. Never say never, but there doesn’t seem to be much future here, even with a sign and trade from Toronto

New Jersey Nets: The Nets are in the market for some more front court help, even after selecting Derrick Favors 3rd overall in last week’s draft, and have the financial room to add a max contract. Devin Harris is the point guard that would create exactly what Bosh needs to be setup, and he could play pure power forward and maximize on his shooting abilities with Brook Lopez under the rim. In reality though, there doesn’t seem to be much steam for any of the premier free agents to land there and they may be in the market for one of the forwards underneath Bosh’s level. The rebuilding efforts are quite intense in Jersey and Bosh is most likely looking for a “win now” scenario after escaping Toronto’s perpetual rebuilding plan.

Shooting over matchups at an athletic 6'11 is what separates Bosh from other PF's.


New York Knicks: The Knicks will be linked to every free agent available in the market this year. But the Knicks core is awful right now, with Danillo Gallinari as the best returning player under contract. The Knicks will make some moves, but the lure of playing in New York may not be enough to be a part of this mix. This pairing would only happen if the Knicks woo LeBron to the Big Apple as well, as the Knicks have been a mess for some time and wouldn’t be an upgrade over even returning to Toronto without another superstar in tow….and even then, it may be too much of a reach.

Bosh is a tremendous coup, and due to his stated allegence to following LeBron’s decision, is almost certainly to be the greatest complimentary gift in the history of NBA free agency. As a premier talent that as only played with players of his calibur on Olympic and All-Star teams, the maximum ability of Bosh could be unleashed finally once he is paired with another superstar (think Gasol after he found Kobe). Wherever he lands, Chris Bosh is about to take a huge step forward from regular season beast to yearly playoff contender.

Next: Joe Johnson

  1. Free Agent Playbook: Part 1, Chris Bosh « Cheap.Seats.Please….

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  2. Chris Ross says:

    This is a very well written article as well as a great blog you got going here! I think that the big problem that is going to face these top tier free agents is the ability to find a good supporting cast because teams have shed so much salary in order to get them. Also, you think you could check out my blog because I really want to know what your opinion is on my thoughts.

  3. Thanks for the continued read.

    I agree with the assessment of the teams looking to offer the multiple max contracts. Two can be afforded and still build a base, but 3 can handicap your ability to build around them. They won’t play 48 minutes every night.

    The Bulls have to be careful, because with the 6 to 7 years they could potentially sign LeBosh to, they will have to give Derrick Rose what projects to be a max deal now, if he keeps improving the way he is now.

  4. Samuel says:

    If I was Bosh I would try to go with D Wade in Miami. As talented as he is I think he’s I think he needs to play with a wing or a playmaker that is his superior to get the most out of his career (see Pau Gasol). As complete as he is offensively I wouldn’t want my franchises hopes all on his shoulders, that being said I think Bosh knows this and will not go somewhere where he is the only max player.

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