The Puzzle and the Pieces, Part 2: 2010 NBA Mock Draft

Posted: June 24, 2010 by The Cheap Seat Fan in NBA
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The day is here and the NBA Draft is on deck in a few hours. It’s all a big guessing game for months, but the picture is clearing up and some sense is being able to be made of the big picture. After #1, all hell could break loose, but the top of the draft, barring any last second trades, is looking solid. But anything could happen and there are lots of teams on the phone with each other. Some are trying to crack into the heralded Top 5 area, many are trying to package multiple late first round picks into earlier slots. Memphis and Oklahoma City are chief among these teams, with 3 picks each in the round.

Here is THE CHEAP SEATS prediction on where how the pieces will fit together, if the current order held (as we know it will not). This shows the needs of the teams and what could be available in what range to fit them. Enjoy and COMMENT!

  1. Washington Wizards: John Wall-PG-6’4, 195 lbs, Kentucky (Freshman): The obvious pick for the Wizards, Wall follows in the footsteps of other recent franchise cornerstone point guards drafted from the John Calipari system needed to lead their franchises back to prominence. (Derrick Rose, 08 and Tyreke Evans, 09)
  2. Philadelphia 76ers: Evan Turner-SG-6’7, 215 lbs, Ohio State (Junior): Turner is not the best fit for Philadelphia, but can do whatever is needed along the wing and is the clear best talent after Wall.
  3. New Jersey Nets: Derrick Favors-PF-6’9, 245 lbs, Georgia Tech (Freshman): This pick has been debated between Johnson and Cousins, but in the end New Jersey should go with Favors, who can add an another huge frontcourt youth and potentially form a devastating duo with Brooke Lopez in a few years.
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves: Wesley Johnson-SF-6’8, 205 lbs, Syracuse (Junior): The perfect player for a Timberwolves team that needs help everywhere. Johnson will add a definite inside/outside scoring touch and will help on the boards as well, where Minnesota has struggled due to recent injuries.
  5. Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins-C-6’11, 268 lbs, Kentucky (Freshman): The most debated player in the draft, Cousins will fit in next to newly acquired Samuel Dalembert along all big front line and will be the go to post player to offset the Kings’ Tyreke Evans penetration based game.
  6. Golden State Warriors: Greg Monroe-PF-6’11,240 lbs, Georgetown (Sophomore): There is some debate on if Monroe will land here over either Udoh or Aminu, but Monroe is the best talent available here and fits the best into what the Warriors currently lack. An athletic post scorer who is a LaMarcus Aldridge type.
  7. Detroit Pistons: Ed Davis-PF-6’10, 220 lbs, North Carolina (Sophomore): Detroit is on the verge of cleaning out their aging roster and Davis is big the can replace the loss of Rasheed Wallace a year ago and can develop into a versatile scoring option. Aldrich and Aminu are possibilities here too.
  8. Los Angeles Clippers: Al-Farouq Aminu-SF-6’8, 215 lbs, Wake Forest (Sophomore): One of the players that has the most possible endpoints, Aminu lands in LA to fill out an ever improving Clippers core with a rim attacking forward that the current roster lacks. Could bring new energy to the Clips with the returning Blake Griffin.
  9. Utah Jazz: Luke Babbitt-SF-6’9, 214 lbs, Nevada (Sophomore): The Jazz are said the be very high on Babbitt who has the size to help out at either small or power forward, but has a shot that fits a shooting guard. With Kirilenko, Korver and Boozer all potentially gone, this makes solid sense.
  10. Indiana Pacers: Ekpe Udoh-PF-6’10, 237 lbs, Baylor (Junior): Udoh is not the point guard that has desperately been needed in Indy for years, but gives an athletic front court rebounder and is the best shot blocking presence in the draft. Adds to an ever improving young core of the Pacers.
  11. New Orleans Hornets: Cole Aldrich-C-6’10, 245 lbs, Kansas (Junior): Aldrich isn’t the best talent available, but adds depth to the Hornets front court behind Emeka Okafor and David West. An investment in the core of a team that will improve greatly with a healthy Chris Paul next season.
  12. Memphis Grizzlies: Eric Bledsoe-PG-6’2, 190 lbs, Kentucky (Freshman): Memphis has talent everywhere as a result of living in the top of the Lottery since forever it feels like, but needs to add depth, and a potential new starter, at point guard due to Mike Conley not living up to expectations thru year 3.
  13. Toronto Raptors: Patrick Patterson-PF-6’9, 240 lbs, Kentucky (Junior): Toronto needs to re-establish themselves in both size and scoring in the frontcourt with Chris Bosh’s impending departure. Patterson is great scorer that will ease the irreplaceable Bosh’s move.
  14. Houston Rockets: Hassan Whiteside-C-7’0, 225 lbs, Marshall (Freshman): A very raw shot blocking talent, Whiteside needs some time to develop, but adds some insurance behind the risky return of Yao Ming from foot surgery. Whiteside has great potential regardless and could have been top 5 in 2011.
  15. Milwaukee Bucks: Larry Sanders-PF-6’11, 220 lbs, VCU (Junior): Milwaukee is transitioning their roster daily leading up to the draft and Sanders gives them what they haven’t acquired: a long, defending post player than can run the floor, in the mold of Charlie Villanueva. He is said to have a promise if available here.
  16. Minnesota Timberwolves: Gordon Hayward-SF-6’8, 211, Butler (Sophomore): Hayward is an attractive option to many teams, including LA at #8. However, if he falls to the Wolves here he give them both depth and another versatile scoring option the can score from anywhere on the court.
  17. Chicago Bulls: Xavier Henry-SG-6’6, 215 lbs, Kansas (Freshman): In a bit of a slide, Henry adds a backcourt scoring threat from land range that can also rebound and play off Derrick Rose. Anything can happen in Chicago in next few months and Henry adds immediate punch to the developing roster.
  18. Oklahoma City Thunder: Paul George-SF-6’8, 215 lbs, Fresno State (Sophomore): Many teams are high on George and for good reason, but he seems to be the odd man out on what fits into the scheme of several teams in front of OKC, who is looking to add depth on the wing behind Durant at forward. A great coup at 18.
  19. Boston Celtics: Avery Bradley-SG-6’3, 180 lbs, Texas (Freshman): The East champs are drafting high for a team that went as far as they did, and it is good considering the turnover that could take place there. Bradley is a quick scoring guard that paired with Rajon Rondo could run many teams out the gym.
  20. San Antonio Spurs: Kevin Seraphin-PF-6’10, 258 lbs, France: It seems cliché to say the San Antonio will take the first international player of the board, but they need to add more size at both power forward and center. Seraphin has the size to do both and ease the last years of Tim Duncan some.
  21. Oklahoma City Thunder: Solomon Alabi-C-7’0, 240 lbs, Florida State (Sophomore): The Thunder need to add a long defensive presence under the rim and Alabi is a natural shot blocker. He will need some work and development, but projects well for OKC, where all he will be asked to do is alter shots.
  22. Portland Trailblazers: Terrico White-SG/PG-6’5, 203 lbs, Mississippi (Junior): Its said that Portland sees White as the draft’s premier athlete and loves his versatility in the backcourt, comparable to Rudy Fernandez. With Fernandez potentially on the way out-of-town, this is a suitable replacement and value pick.
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves: Daniel Orton-C-6’11, 268 lbs, Kentucky (Freshman): Orton’s stock is all over the place, but it seems to be permanently down head into the draft. If Minnesota snags him here, they add young depth to a thin frontline behind Al Jefferson and Kevin Love.
  24. Atlanta Hawks: James Anderson-SG-6’6, 220 lbs, Oklahoma State (Junior): With Joe Johnson on the way out, Anderson adds a long distance scorer to play off the frontcourt based Hawks and depth behind the resurgent Jamal Crawford. With Mike Bibby aging, Atlanta could look to the point guard position here too.
  25. Memphis Grizzlies: Craig Brackens-PF-6’10, 229 lbs, Iowa State (Junior): With a frontline that features Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and the developing Haseem Thasbeet, the pick of Brackens gives even more spring to a Grizzlies team on the verge of breaking through.
  26. Oklahoma City Thunder: Damion James-F-6’8, 230 lbs, Texas (Senior): James would be the first senior off the board and is one of the most versatile talents in the forward pool. Helps the Thunder at both forward positions and was a college teammate of Kevin Durant.
  27. New Jersey Nets: Jordan Crawford-SG-6’4, 200 lbs, Xavier (Junior): With their second pick of the first round New Jersey could look to the back court and couple the athletic Crawford with Courtney Lee and Devin Harris, to replace the departed Chris Douglas-Roberts.
  28. Memphis Grizzlies:  Lance Stephenson-SG-6’5, 225 lbs, Cincinnati (Freshman): An addition to an embarrassment of riches in perimeter scoring. Stephenson is a young tremendous talent that could land much higher, as Milwaukee has eyes on him in the 15th slot as well.
  29. Orlando Magic: Devin Eubanks-SF-6’8, 208 lbs, West Virginia (Sophomore): Orlando needs to get stronger in the front court, but at this point the talent isn’t there for that pick. Eubanks worked out well for Orlando and gives a true scoring small forward to put with Michael Pietrus.
  30. Washington Wizards: Gani Lawal-PF-6’9, 233 lbs, Georgia Tech (Junior): Washington needs to add some size and Lawal has the experience and size to fit in with the Wizards direction.

What do you think? How do you see it working out? COMMENT AND LET ME AND US KNOW. Tune in to the 2010 NBA Draft on ESPN at 6 PM and follow me on Twitter at @CheapSeatFan for updates throughout the entire draft.


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