Here’s my view from the CHEAP SEATS on this weekend to this morning. The view was from here, there and everywhere.

1. VY’s Fight Club: I’m convinced that some people just don’t get it. Vince Young should be the backup quarterback for this team (behind the immortal Ben Roethlisberger). I commended Vince for being able to pull himself back from the

$58 million gets a lot of drinks, but can't pay for a shirt for the club?

brink of the crazy house to show his growth as person and player to help the Tennessee Titans rebound from a disastrous start last year. However, I pull that praise back now and realize he’s still just one step away from Ron Artest territory again. Young was arrested this weekend at a Dallas club for punching a club patron for taking the “Hookem Horns” hand gesture and putting down, as if to say “Eff the Longhorns”. Here is what Vince Young is, indisputably: a 27-year-old, $58 million dollar, starting quarterback for an NFL team….and he’s fighting over a hand gesture in a club? Seriously? It’s rumored that he scored a 16 on the Wonderlic exam when he was at the NFL Draft combine (10 is the minimum to prove literacy…..). 5 years later, I’m sure that he was having a smart day when he got that score. Once again, I call for Goodell’s Silver Hammer to slam down. At least get in those pockets. It’s all illiterate, immature, club hopping Prima donna’s understand.

2. Union Jacked: In what was hyped as the biggest game in United States soccer in decades, the US faced off against

The Softest Schoolboy of em all. The Shame of the Nation, post Geoffry Butler

England in the opening round of the World Cup this weekend. It goes a long way to speak to either the development or shortcomings of the US soccer program that an opening round game against England is a landmark matchup, but it was exciting all the same. For me, that excitement turned to comedy in a hurry. After an early goal, the US scored on a Clint Dempsey shot bounced directly off the chest of English goalie Robert Green. It seemed to be an error in placement or whatever, but then the announcer got started with his two cents, which quickly became change for a dollar. He started of calling it terrible mistake, then it evolved to “a shot that schoolboys would have blocked” and ended up (10 minutes later) described as “the softest goal that you will see on the world level.” Wow. If the World Cup is gonna be a comedy show too, we may need to get Tracy Morgan, or at least Dennis Miller, in the commentary booth to maximize this experience for me.

3. Texas 2 Step: While the world watches and waits for where the Texas Longhorns will choose as their next conference bedfellow, a few of the lesser programs in the state are going at each other’s necks. With affiliation free agency looming for Baylor and the Mountain West Conference courting them, one member of the current MWC stands firmly against this: TCU. The Horned Frogs are rumored to be filing a complaint against with the conference to block Baylor from joining. The reason is the kicker though: they just don’t like them. This goes back to the formation of the Big 12 and how TCU feels it was passed over for membership in favor of a Baylor program they felt was lesser than theirs. So now, 20 years later, TCU is attempting to return the “favor” and keep Baylor as girl with no dance partner. I sincerely hope that MWC commissioner Craig Thompson plays the role of Dana White and not only takes on Baylor, but pits them against TCU in game 1 of the 2011 season, just to make an aggressive rivalry right away for his expanding conference. This is funny, like watching your little brothers have a slap fight.

4. The Kings of Kings: It’s June, and finally the New York Yankees have ascended back to the top of the AL East. The

General Girardi is just getting all his troops together in June. The Evil Empire lives.

Tampa Bay Rays have been the undisputed best show in baseball so far, but the Yanks have finally caught up to their act and the Boston Red Sox are getting healthier and are only four games back as well. This is nothing to panic about for the Rays, as nobody was going to run away in that division, but it shows how day in and day out it is to stay relevant in sport’s toughest division. Both the Yankees and the Red Sox are batting injuries and Tampa has stayed mostly healthy, but the Yankees are without a doubt the most talented team in baseball and if they can take the lead while dealing with injuries to Alex Rodriguez, Curtis Granderson, Nick Johnson and Jorge Posada, along with a struggling Mark Texeira, this could be just a matter of the inevitable happening.

5. Know When to Say When: The once great Chuck Liddell got destroyed this weekend in his match against Rich Franklin. This is not to be unexpected, as Chuck has been past his prime for years now. However, the issue at hand is that he continues to get to prove it. For years fighters of all sorts have attempted to extend their careers with fights that happen long after their window of talent has closed, it’s almost a staple of the sport. It’s usually done to secure another pay-day to extend the lifestyles they’ve become accustomed to, but this has to stop. If the payday isn’t offered and the arena to square off in isn’t offered, then the problem is solved. Mixed Martial Arts is an extremely dangerous competition, and Dana White must evaluate the complete loss of one of his fighters receiving a potentially deadly injury, live on Pay Per View against the payout of getting one more big name fight for ratings.

**Hit and Run**

There are alternating reports of Texas being aligned to the restructure of the Big 12 & others having them out the door, it’s virtually totally speculation at this point overall……Utah is also being said to be the final team to join the Pac 10, over Texas A&M, Kansas or Baylor……Beleaguered umpire Jim Joyce was voted as the best umpire in baseball in a players poll……Larry Drew was promoted to head coach of the Atlanta Hawks this weekend, Mark Jackson and Byron Scott were also rumored……Dwayne Wade will not participate in this summer’s FIBA World Championships due to having to attend his pending divorce proceedings……The supporting cast of the Lakers could did not keep up with Kobe Bryant’s lead on Sunday night, with Pau Gasol’s 12 points being second high behind Bryant’s 38. They face two elimination games now down 3-2……Ted Lilly and Gavin Floyd matched each other with no hit bids into the seventh inning on Sunday night, with Lilly’s Cubs eventually finding a 1-0 victory.

  1. RVS says:

    LMAO at “Shame of a Nation post Geoffrey Butler.”

    I didn’t even watch UFC 115 because I knew what the outcome was going to be (plus I really wasn’t interested in any of the undercards). Chuck’s chin has evaporated over the years and that got exposed 3-4 fights ago. I think Dana will take age into consideration in future fights and not be persuaded so much by one of his former stars begging for another fight by tell him that he work really really hard this time.


  2. Oates says:

    I dont understand why Athletes continue to put themselves in these situations. From a player aspect, you shouldnt go anywhere where a) you feel you need a gun to protect yourself b) a place where desperation lives (nothing is more desperate than cats in shake joint).

    All this to say, he’s rich!!! Why the hell would you not have the women of ill-repute set up @ your crib for their shows or have a boss ass house set (212 style) or anything else? If you constantly find yourself in precarious situations when you go out or, as in Young’s case, are not intelligent enough to handle yourself in public…then dont! Do all these things @ your house. More than enough people will want to kick it w/ you. I promise!

    And you won’t have to worry about DUIs (word to Leonard Little)

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