I know it’s usually the Morning Menu, but I got caught up in the sheets this morning. At any rate here’s my view from the CHEAP SEATS today (a mixture of coffee-house and sports bar)

1. The Replacements: The tone of the NBA Finals took a slight Bizarro World twist yesterday, with the Boston bench actually out playing the starters in the second half to even up the series at 2-2. Here are the totals: first ballot Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen: 15 points. Role players Glen Davis and Nate Robinson, who are known as much for sideline controversy and dunk contests as scoring: 20 points. Coming into Game 4 if you said that the pair of Big Baby and Kypro-Nate would outscore the Ticket and Shuttlesworth I’d pictured a game where Kobe and Gasol were chilling with a 2o point lead on the bench. Not the case on Thursday, as the Boston’s superior depth played its role kept the wheels spinning on this back and forth series. Now after the network demanded 3 day (yet no travel…..sigh) break were back at it.

2. The World’s All-Star Break: Let’s be clear here, in the wide world of sports (cue the theme music), there is  that is NOTHING even taking baby steps towards soccer’s impact. Probably only politics, religion and death. And a few of those need to watch their back for soccer….it’s catching up. While I don’t have a high level knowledge of soccer’s stars and leagues (I plan on learning A LOT during the next few weeks), I do know that the World Cup is without a doubt one of the most exciting and intense sporting events in the entire buffet of sporting events we have the pleasure of receiving. It let’s watch an exciting, fast paced game, while rooting for your country and learn about others at once. A perfect storm of interests from sports to positive nationalism. Complete info on this specatle here.  

Think about it like the World's Super Bowl....with more helmetless headbutts.

Sidenote: If nothing else tune in on Saturday afternoon to see the United State take on the United Kingdom. The Brits have burned a flag in pregame preparation. If that doesn’t fire you up then what does?

3. Blue grass, New Yard: The Boise State football program that has both dominated the WAC for years and been BCS Bowl crasher for years now are leaving their familiar throne for a new spot in the Mountain West Conference. Before this offseason this could have been viewed as a lateral move, but now this is a strategic alignment that could place BSU in the driver’s seat of a power conference that could take the Big 12’s spot in the BCS picture. This is what Boise has pined for years now, a seat at the table in the BCS picture and with the Mountain West looking to expand and benefit from the leftovers in the Big 12 yard sale, the time could be now. At any rate, the NCAA Football scene has the random storyline of a great WWE show right now.

4. Ticket to Ride: Graciously, the NCAA has allowed players with junior or senior standing to transfer out of the USC Football program without the usual policy of having to sit out a season. This follows up yesterday’s ruling of

A third campus is possible for once heralded prospect Mitch Mustain now to finally reach his potential

postseason ineligibility for 2 years and an annual loss of 30 scholarships, which affects the current standing of these players. Incoming freshman and underclassmen were not afforded the same option due to the fact that they will still have eligibility to compete after the sanctions are lifted. Any interested schools can freely contact these players and considering the money pit of talent on the USC roster this could get interesting for Lane Kiffin’s staff. But of course it would be USC if there wasn’t an on campus circus.

**Hit and Run**

In what could be just playing their hand, the Missouri Tigers stated that they are committed to the Big 12 Conference for now, but will have to wait and see. This was most likely done to appease the Big 12’s “decision deadline”, but inner school decisions will continue……..The Oklahoma Sooners have expressed interest in joining the SEC……..Oklahoma State is said to be moving quickly towards accepting to the Pac 10’s offer due to warding off Baylor, who could force them out………The University of Texas has set a Tuesday meeting to discuss their conference move or stay decision………the Cleveland Indians promoted top prospect catcher Carlos Santana today……….Nelson Mandela did not attend the opening ceremonies of the World Cup due to the death of his Great Granddaughter on Thursday night………

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